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"Closing in on four decades of experience in the electrical controls/ECAD industry, I can recall two individuals who exhibited both a great passion for their work and an absolutely impeccable attention to detail. The first person was named Mike - and this was back in the mid-70s when we worked together designing industrial control systems. The second is Doug McAlexander, whom I have had the honor and pleasure to work with since 1997, in the area of Electrical CAD. Doug is knowledgeable in a wide range of ECAD tools, having made numerous contributions in product field testing and design improvement suggestions, especially for the AutoCAD Electrical product.

Working with Doug, I have found him to be most generous with his time. He is patient. Doug's attention to detail is unsurpassed. He is a man of honesty and integrity… and his passion in the workplace is for ECAD users to succeed."

Nate Holt, PE (Inventor of AutoCAD Electrical)
N8 Consultants LLC
Toledo, OH

"Doug is one of the most knowledgeable people I've encountered in the controls space. He really knows the industry and has a tremendous depth of knowledge around AutoCAD Electrical. He has a keen ability to help any customer succeed."

Scott Reese
Sr. Director of Digital Simulation
Autodesk, Inc.

"It is easy for me to recommend Doug McAlexander. Why wouldn't you recommend a person who has delivered big-time results on a consistent basis in many of your top accounts? Without question, Doug did that for me in many of my customers such as The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Rockwell Automation, Diamond Power International, Mayfran International and on and on and on...

Without hesitation, I would subcontract the consulting and end-user training to Doug in the most important and strategic global accounts that I managed. The reason I did that is because Doug's knowledge and experience with AutoCAD® Electrical and Electrical Controls design automation in general, were far beyond anyone else from that discipline in all of North America at that time.

Doug was unique in that he could look beyond just the elementary picks and clicks of how to use the software. Doug could identify the business issues and bottlenecks in these customers' workflow processes. His expert analysis and recommendations were such that he would architect a more efficient workflow, thus driving down engineering costs and reducing the amount of errors being sent out to the field. This resulted in big $ cost savings and reduced time-to-market for my clients."

Marc Cica
Senior Account Executive - Platinum Partners
RAND IMAGINiT Technologies

"The work Doug does for our team has been fantastic. His dedication to making our transition to AutoCAD Electrical has been key to our success. He does an excellent job of really understanding what we as a customer need and provides it in the way that most works for us. He's always quick to respond and provides exactly the information that's required. Having someone of this caliber is critical when resolving technical issues."

Ali Baker
Staff Application Engineer
Schneider Electric

"Doug is one of the country's leading experts on AutoCAD Electrical software. He comes from the industry and teaches and implements AutoCAD Electrical from an electrical engineering perspective. I highly recommend Doug for firms that are considering implementing AutoCAD Electrical for industrial machinery or control panel design. Every experience we had with Doug was positive and every customer Doug trained was pleased."

Tony Herz
Senior Account Manager
Ideate, Inc.

"I have known and worked with Doug for nearly 20 years now. As an electrical engineer at Nordson Corporation, Doug labored tirelessly to meet the challenging design and schedule requirements of our most demanding customers in the Nonwovens Systems Group. Over the years, I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from Doug. He helped me learn and use various electrical CAD software packages and assisted me in navigating through the quagmire of both domestic and international design standards and practices. Doug was instrumental in evaluating and selecting the electrical CAD software that we continue to use in its present form today.

As a consultant, Doug has always made himself available to train our designers and to provide update training for AutoCAD Electrical to anyone who needed it. He has extensive knowledge of industrial machinery and is always helpful with any technical issues we may have. Doug is an invaluable resource and we continue to utilize his skills for the majority of our overflow work. I would highly recommend Doug to any company needing electrical design work and/or training."

Dan Abramovich
Senior Electrical Engineer
Nordson Corporation

"Doug's understanding of system integration, electrical codes (IEC/NEC), and design tools made and make him an invaluable resource on complex product development projects.”

Mike Lynch
Project Manager
Nordson Corporation

"Doug is one of the most conscientious passionate trainers I've ever worked with. He truly cares about the client. He digs in and learns what their needs are and does whatever it takes to meet their goals, offering long hours, conference calls, meetings, and incredible customer support. I've enjoyed working with Doug for several years and will continue to call on him when we need technical support because he is fast, efficient, and highly skilled. I would recommend Doug to any of our customers, or even our competitors, if they were in need."

Michelle Howze
CAD Manager
Revere Control Systems, Inc.

"When one of our customers requested to have their robotic systems electrical prints converted from IEC to NFPA standard, I quickly realized there were a limited number of companies that had experience with both standards who were willing to take on this project. After contacting Doug McAlexander, I could tell that he had an extensive background in both standards as well as a deep knowledge of what the AutoCAD Electrical software was capable of. Most of all, he did not seem intimidated by the complexity of the project.

With just the original pdf prints and some photos, Doug was able to convert the electrical drawings for the entire system. He was very responsive throughout the project and answered all my questions promptly. I would highly recommend Doug for any CAD electrical work. "

Mike DeMark
Project Manager
igm Robotic Systems, Inc.

"Doug McAlexander is the most dedicated and loyal person I have ever met. He will always work until a job is finished, no matter how large the sacrifice. He is an inspiration to all of those who work around him, because he will not settle for second-best. He demands a lot from himself, and he improves the overall quality of any group he is in.

Doug is also generous, and he has gone out of his way to help me with several projects. He has done this for me and for others, time and time again. Doug is not afraid to take on very large projects. He does not become overwhelmed with the mountain in front of him, but he chooses to climb the mountain one step at a time. I am pleased to recommend Doug for any project or career that needs something done on time and at a high level."

Steve Bennett
Project Manager
R. K. Redding

If you would like assistance learning and implementing AutoCAD Electrical, including training, implementation support, drawing conversion, or design support, please feel free to call Doug at (770) 841-8009, or send an e-mail to ECADConsultant@gmail.com.

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