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"Doug is one of the most knowledgeable people I've encountered in the controls space. He really knows the industry and has a tremendous depth of knowledge around AutoCAD Electrical. He has a keen ability to help any customer succeed."

Scott Reese
Product Line Manager
Autodesk, Inc.

"Closing in on four decades of experience in the electrical controls/ECAD industry, I can recall two individuals who exhibited both a great passion for their work and an absolutely impeccable attention to detail. The first person was named Mike - and this was back in the mid-70s when we worked together designing industrial control systems. The second is Doug McAlexander, whom I have had the honor and pleasure to work with since 1997, in the area of Electrical CAD. Doug is knowledgeable in a wide range of ECAD tools, having made numerous contributions in product field testing and design improvement suggestions, especially for the AutoCAD Electrical product.

Working with Doug, I have found him to be most generous with his time. He is patient. Doug's attention to detail is unsurpassed. He is a man of honesty and integrity… and his passion in the workplace is for ECAD users to succeed."

Nate Holt, PE
N8 Consultants LLC
Toledo, OH

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AutoCAD® Electrical is an enhanced version of AutoCAD® that gives AutoCAD® the "horsepower" to create controls schematics and panel layouts with speed, consistency, and accuracy. You can leverage past designs so future project lead-times can be trimmed to a minimum. Built-in automated tools increase your productivity. AutoCAD® Electrical has the tools to make your schematics "smart" so report extraction, error analysis, and even language conversions are easy tasks. You can even convert an entire electrical project from JIC to IEC symbols, or vice versa, with a few keystrokes.

We can put your personnel on the fast track to becoming highly efficient with electrical CAD software. If you already use AutoCAD®, you can make the switch to AutoCAD® Electrical with relative ease. The file format doesn't even change. And yes, you can convert your existing "dumb" AutoCAD® drawings to the intelligent AutoCAD® Electrical format. We have a staff of trained personnel who can convert older drawings from other formats or from standard AutoCAD format so your design team can stay focused on new projects.

Services Provided

On-site Training, Implementation, and Customization Support for AutoCAD® Electrical (U.S. or International design standards)

Training and Implementation Services offered:

  • Process Assessmet (discovery process to evaluate current design tools and work-flow, followed up by an action plan for implementing AutoCAD Electrical or AutoCAD ecscad)
  • Update Training (2-day "hands-on" workshop to help you master each new feature of each new release - an optional take-home tutorial for class attendees is available)
  • Hands-on Demo (2-day "hands-on" demonstration of AutoCAD® Electrical or AutoCAD® ecscad to familiarize you with some of the productivity tools that software of this type empowers you with)
  • User-level Training* (4-day course covering the fundamental editing tools)
  • Administrator-level Training (5-day work-flow-based design simulation that covers program infrastructure, configuration, customization, network setup, and template creation)

  • View/Print PDF of Admin-level course syllabus for JIC/NFPA standard (Press Browser's BACK button to return to this page)

  • View/Print PDF of Admin-level course syllabus for IEC standard (Press Browser's BACK button to return to this page)

  • Advanced Training (This course can vary from 1 to 5 days; you choose from a list of advanced-level topics and we tailor to fit your needs)
  • AutoCAD® ecscad Training (5-day work-flow-based design simulation covering infrastructure, schematic development, panel layout, reports, and more)
  • Mentoring (phone, e-mail, or web-based "GoTo Meeting" style support to answer a question or guide you with step-by-step instructions

    * User-level training assumes that your company already has personnel trained at administrative-level to support the user-level personnel.

  • AutoCAD Electrical user-level training AutoCAD Electrical administrator trainingAutoCAD Electrical advanced training AutoCAD Electrical What's New Tutorial

    Let us convert your existing drawings to AutoCAD® Electrical format

    Off-load your extra work to us so you can meet demanding deadlines

    Full ECAD support, including smart border template creation, symbol creation, and maintenance of your symbol library, so your designers can stay focused on sales orders

    Pre-paid phone/e-mail/video support contracts available (contact us with a question and receive a phone call, e-mail, or video with detailed step-by-step instructions)


  • Over 30 years of experience in the controls design and documentation industry

  • U.S. and International standards

  • Prior to working as a private consultant, Doug McAlexander, the president of Doug McAlexander, Inc., was in charge of training, implementation, and maintenance of the Electrical CAD system for an industrial machinery manufacturer with offices around the world. In fact, they are now one of our main clients. Other clients include Disney, GE, NBC, Bose, Johnson Controls, Vulcan Engineering, Rolls Royce, Goodyear, Siemens, Hydro Tasmania, undisclosed defense contractors, and more.

  • Doug is factory trained in the use of AutoCAD® Electrical, Toolbox/WD®, VIA/WD®, AutoCAD® ecscad, and Promis-e®. He is certified by the Autodesk Consulting Group, serves as a technical advisor and beta tester for future enhancements to AutoCAD® Electrical, and is a charter member of the Autodesk Expert Elite team. Autodesk has hired Doug to train their field personnel throughout Europe and the South Pacific.

  • If you would like assistance learning and implementing AutoCAD Electrical, including training, implementation support, drawing conversion, or design support, please feel free to call Doug at (770) 841-8009, or send an e-mail to ECADConsultant@gmail.com.

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